Unity With The Best
Saturday, March 26th / 10am-6pm EDT


Unity With The Best” is the biggest Online Conference Series for developers.

Join some of the most esteemed Unity experts for exclusive live coding conferences and benefit from 1-to-1 mentoring sessions.

Enjoy the world’s top Unity developers' talks right in the comfort of your home.

AN INTERACtive learning experience

1 Conference

Ten 50-minute conferences on Unity tailored for
developers with live coding.

2 1-to-1 Session

Live video mentoring sessions with the chosen expert(s). Book a mentor for 25 minutes.

3 Forum

Q&A Forum where both experts and attendees can share knowledge, files and resources.

4 Replay + Slides

Access to the replay and Slideshare links guaranteed for 2 months via our platform. 




10:00 am
10:50 am
WebGL and Unity - Best Practices
Vincent Vergonjeanne | Poland

EVERYDAYiPLAY was one of the first companies in the world to launch a commercial version of a large F2P 3D game using Unity WebGL export.I will go through this journey with you and share some of the issue we faced and all the solutions we applied to have a successful launch.

In this talk, I'll describe:

1. How to deal with lack of sockets and threads

2. Major rendering optimizations to further improve your FPS

3. How to deal with memory allocation, download constraints and debugging

11:00 am
11:50 am
Shader, The Unknown
Claudia Doppioslash | UK

Shader programming is one of the things that most influences how good your game will look, yet it's perceived as a black art, hidden away and feared.

In this talk, I'll describe: 

1. How shader programming works

2. How Unity lets you take almost full control of the shader subsystem

3. What you can achieve with that control

4. How to implement a custom Physically Based Lighting system and the logic behind every choice

12:00 pm
12:50 pm
Hands-On Using Unity's Audio Mixer
Andy Touch | UK

Unity 5 introduces a new Audio Mixer system to take your game’s music and sound effects to the next level! Andy will give a hands-on, in-editor demo of all the new Audio Features introduced in the latest version of the Unity game engine; covering in-game sound mixing, groups, applying effects, audio ducking, fading and more!

This talk is welcome to all but at least some Unity knowledge will be useful.

1:00 pm
1:50 pm
Game Programming Patterns for Unity
Lucy Gomez | Mexico

Performance and Memory Management improvement applying Design Patterns at Unity.

In this talk, I'll describe

1. How Game Programming patterns will improve your game

2. Detailed description of the most useful Programming patterns at Game Development

3. How to use Game Programming Patterns  at Unity 3D

1:00 pm
1:50 pm
Introduction to using the R200 camera & Realsense SDK in Unity3d
Jon Collins | USA

We used the Intel RealSense SDK In conjunction with the R200 Camera to bring about the fun, interactive and tactile gameplay featured at GDC16.  Using Intel® RealSense™ we were able to create a unique gameplay experience with every play through, as the players themselves sculpted the terrain the game used out of sand which was monitored by the camera and our code effectively translated the profile of the sand into a terrain.  In this talk we’ll use one of the realsense samples to step through and gain an insight into how that depth data is translated into a usable game object in Unity3d.

In this talk, I'll describe:

1. Features we used in the Magic and Magnums Tower Defense game

2. Using the Blob Sensing and tracking actions provided in the Unity Toolkit for Realsense

3. Using the Realsense Depth feed to manipulate meshes

2:00 pm
2:50 pm
Procedural Meshes in Unity
Alexander Birke | UK

Being able to create 3D models and surfaces on the fly is a powerful part of the Unity API that allows you to approach problems in a more efficient manner and create novel functionality. These techniques are especially convenient for games and apps using procedural content but it can also be used to create more powerful tools for making hand crafted experiences.

In this talk, I'll describe:

1. How Unity's mesh API works

2. Practical examples of games where I have used procedural meshes to achieve novel gameplay 

3. Common strategies to assign triangle indices, the most tricky part of the process

4. General tips on achieving better performance with the mesh API

2:00 pm
2:50 pm
Smartphones as Controllers: A new way of creating local multiplayer games
Alice Ruppert | Switzerland

AirConsole is a browser-based platform for local multiplayer games controlled by smartphones. I develop games for it using Unity3D (WebGL Exports) and the AirConsole API. I will share some learnings and insights from making games for the platform, mainly focusing on using smartphone controllers in ways that make sense, rather than trying to imitate traditional gamepads.

In this talk I'll describe:

1. How to use a HTML and JS to build controllers as mobile websites 

2. How to communicate between 'big screen' and players' devices

3. How to switch between different controller views, storing Game and Device States in JTokens

4. How to deal with input latency, using methods such as 'hiding' the latency by adjusting animation durations

3:00 pm
3:50 pm
Movement recognition features implemented through Unity and Intel® RealSense™
Justin Link | USA

As technology advances, more sophisticated ways of interfacing with it are emerging. Even though new tech strives to make our apps more intuitive and easy to use, designing interfaces for those apps is not quite as straight forward. We’ve learned a few rules and “gotchas” when working with gesture cameras that can help to make apps that use them easy and fun to use.

In this talk I’ll describe

1. Different data types you can get from Intel® RealSense™ and how to get them

2. Designing an interface for a gesture camera

3. Using your hands, face, and voice as an interface


3:00 pm
3:50 pm
A Deep Dive into UnityUI
Charlie Helman | USA

Games function as a platform for some of the most complex, interesting, and creative user interfaces out there. These complex requirements, compounded by the open-ended nature of Unity, can spawn enormous headaches for the poor saps (like myself) who build UIs in Unity every day. But fear not! UnityUI is here to help. We'll tackle the UnityUI basics, then cover some techniques, best practices, and must-have assets that I've come to swear by after 3 years of building UIs for Unity projects.

In this talk, I'll describe:

1. UnityUI concepts, components, workflows, and how they compare to what's offered in other UI frameworks

2. Practical examples demonstrating screen-space and world-space UI implementations

3. Best practices for anchoring UI elements, especially when considering multiple platforms with drastically different screen sizes

4:00 pm
4:50 pm
Hands-On Workshop Building a 3D Isometric Survival Shooter
Sarah Sexton | USA

Learn to create a 3D isometric survival shooter called Nightmares using Unity 5 in this hands-on workshop. Although this workshop is beginner-friendly, you need to understand mathematical 3D concepts.

In this talk: 

1. Phase One, we will customize the Unity workspace, build a 3D environment, and add sound effects

2. Phase Two, we will import a player character asset, learn about Animator Controllers, make animations, set up physics and gravity, and add player movement scripts

3. Phase Three, we will set up our Camera and write a script to make the camera follow our player character

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